European Asbestos Forum Conference: a wonderful event

European Asbestos Forum Conference: a wonderful event

Our Managing Director, Prof. Roger Willey, spoke last September at the European Asbestos Forum Conference, an event that happened at London, and examined the many aspects of asbestos in industry. With speakers from across Europe, United States, Australia and New Zealand, this has been one of the largest event for asbestos professionals this year.

Roger’s speech was about the real risks of asbestos vs. the perceived risks. Only by being aware of what the real risks are will we be able to stop the waste of effort and resources to get asbestos-free buildings and start working effectively in getting asbestos risk-free buildings, which will protect workers and users.

Our directors, Roger and Emma Willey, had a fantastic time at the Conference, met many new and old friends, and were able to exchange their impressions about the current issues within the asbestos industry. This sort of meeting strengthens the relations among the professionals working against this deadly material and allow us to improve our methods and targets by updating our knowledge.

We are already looking forward to the next Conference!!

(Picture published by European AF @eafconference)