Specialists in the Remediation of Contaminated Land

Specialists in the Remediation of Contaminated Land

It is well known that asbestos can be a challenging and expensive problem to encounter on site (either in buildings or in the ground). The proper assessment and management of the real risks (as opposed to the commonly believed perceived risks) can make a dramatic difference to the stress, hassle, time and costs involved in dealing with the problem.

Where asbestos is known or believed to exist in the ground (as opposed to within buildings), the options for site development and asbestos remediation can become further complicated by differing 'acceptable levels' of asbestos under the various Health & Safety, Environmental and Waste legislations. The solutions to the problems normally require consideration of a range of legally acceptable options. Inappropriate classification of sites and waste can result in hugely inflated fees as well as long delays to planned site operations.

The ACS Project Management and Contaminated Land Divisions have saved clients several million pounds in the past year (saving £2million on one site alone). These two divisions are supported by the company's UKAS accredited asbestos testing and surveying departments as well as the ACS Safety, Health & Environmental (SHE) consultancy and training departments to ensure the full range of required competencies are met.

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