Keeping children safe, happy and engaged is what you do.
We can help with that.

Keeping children safe, happy and engaged is what you do.

The preparation, storage or handling of food is particularly important for children as they can be far more seriously affected by food poisoning and allergy than adults. To make sure you are following best practice and fully compliant with legislation ACS would like to provide you with a preparatory Food Safety Audit.

Local Authorities carry out unannounced Food Hygiene Inspections and our review of your Food Safety Management System will identify any non-compliance issues. Not only will ACS help you solve any issues that arise but we can also offer you REHIS* accredited Elementary Food Hygiene Training.  

Our audits are carried out by a qualified Environmental Health Officer (who is also a member of the REHIS* Southern Centre Committee) so you can rest assured that all of the areas that will come up during your Local Authority inspection will be covered by our preparatory Food Safety Audit.

Keep your children safe, keep your business safe.

(U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Melanie A. Hutto)