Food Safety and Hygiene

All food businesses will be well aware of the importance of maintaining high standards of food safety and hygiene and of the potentially damaging consequences to trade and reputation where things go wrong. However, it is easy to fall foul of the demanding standards and legislation and it is all too common for problems to be highlighted only when an incident occurs or at a Local Authority Inspection.

In the worst of cases, this can be too late to save the business.

Headed by a fully qualified Environmental Health Officer (EHO), the ACS Food Safety division specialises in helping food businesses to prepare for Inspections or generally improve standards and ensure compliance with legislation through:

  • Food Safety Audits and Inspection (Including a ‘Preparatory Inspection’ which mirrors a visit from the Local Authority)
  • HACCP Studies
  • Food Safety Management System (Policies and Procedures)
  • Health & Safety and Environmental Consultancy
  • REHIS Accredited Food Hygiene and Health & Safety Training (at clients’ premises or the ACS training centre in Glasgow)

Food Hygiene Preparatory Inspection – Prepare for the inevitable

Food businesses now have significant responsibilities to ensure the food they serve is safe to eat and it is important that proper HACCP based procedures are in place throughout the whole chain from purchasing through storage and preparation to cooking and serving. To demonstrate legal compliance, it is essential to have in place documented procedures, HACCP studies, monitoring regimes, training programmes, cleaning schedules, pest control arrangements and many more ‘safety and hygiene’ related activities.  

All such items are regularly reviewed during statutory Food Hygiene Inspections carried out by Environmental Health Officers (EHO) employed by the Local Authority and poor performance can result in premises being fined, issued with improvement notices or even closed down. The damage to reputation as well as finances can be huge.

The ACS flagship service ‘Food Hygiene Preparatory Inspection’ allows clients to undergo a ‘mock’ audit/inspection by a qualified EHO but which holds no statutory force. Therefore, the findings are not seen by anyone other than the client, who may act on the recommendations only if they choose.

This service allows food businesses to properly prepare for the inevitable Local Authority visits by confidentially identifying problem areas and taking remedial action with no threat of enforcement action.