How to prioritise Health & Safety Training

How to prioritise Health & Safety Training

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Following the pandemic lockdowns and then the ‘Great Resignation’ of 2022, many of our clients are now facing a ‘new’ staffing team in their organisation.  No matter how experienced your team may be, there is always an initial ‘bedding in time’ required for routines to be established, processes to be ironed out and new working relationships to be formed.  One of the areas that is essential for many new staff is Health, Safety and Wellbeing.  With so many courses on offer, we are often asked how best to prioritise the training for new employees – particularly those with industry experience.

The start of a new year is always a good time to go through training files and assess what training or refresher training is needed. With many organisations dealing with new members of their team, we thought it may be useful to prioritise Health and Safety training courses.

It is our recommendation that all staff receive:

  • Health and Safety Awareness (either for Senior Managers or for H&S Administrators)
  • Wellbeing in the workplace
  • Stress in the workplace
  • DSE training (Assessor or basic)

When this training has been completed, it is essential to then look into each individual’s role and responsibilities to assess what further training is necessary for them to fulfil their roles safely and for their managers to comply with providing adequate training. 

A full list of our training courses is listed below, and we would love to see you or your team in our training division soon.


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