Contaminated Land

Contaminated land is often dealt with via a simple (but expensive) ‘dig and dump’ procedure, which can see huge quantities of material being disposed of in Hazardous Waste landfill sites. Proper assessment and classification of land and potential waste materials can, however, offer a range of remediation options which have the potential to save millions of pounds on large sites. 

Contaminated Land Assessment

Proper assessment and classification of land and potential waste materials can offer a range of remediation options which can save significant costs whilst still being legally compliant. ACS has assessed, devised strategy for and project managed some of the largest contaminated land sites in Europe, saving clients many millions of pounds in the process. Where site investigations (SI’s) have already been completed by geotechnical consultants, ACS is also able to provide interpretation of results and advice on remediation options.

Contaminated Land Remediation

The options for remediating contaminated land are vast and can include ‘dig and dump’, on-site or off-site remediation, retention or burial of material on site (although this may require special agreement with Authorities), etc. ACS specialises in interpreting the findings of site investigations and in working with clients to identify the optimum solution for each site of interest. ACS can also project manage the remediation works and compile all required Remediation Statements and compliance documentation. 

Site Safety Monitoring

It is recognised that in some cases clients may wish to use their own consultants to carry out site assessments and to devise remediation plans. ACS can, however, provide assistance with RAMS (risk assessments and method statements) and can deliver appropriate site-based supervision, monitoring (e.g. air testing) and support to contractors.   

Waste Classification and Disposal

The waste ‘producer’ (i.e. normally the site owner) is legally responsible for the proper classification and disposal of waste materials. However, the classification of waste materials can be complex and may require laboratory testing as well as in-depth assessment against acceptable levels for different hazardous substances. ACS has particular expertise in assessing wastes against the European ‘WM3’ waste criteria and in determining appropriate disposal options