Modern environmental and waste management requires an in-depth understanding of both scientific principles and the complex framework of legislation, as well as the practical application of risk control techniques. ACS specialises in the assessment of ‘real risks’ and in the identification of optimum risk control solutions to achieve legal compliance.

Contaminated Land

(See Contaminated Land section)

Waste Classification and Disposal

The waste ‘producer’ (normally the site owner) is legally responsible for the proper classification and disposal of waste materials. However, the classification of waste materials can be complex and may require laboratory testing as well as in-depth assessment against acceptable levels for different hazardous substances. ACS has particular expertise in assessing wastes against the European ‘WM3’ waste criteria and in determining appropriate disposal options. 

Environmental Assessment and Management Systems

Drawing on the expertise of its scientists, engineers and environmental practitioners, ACS is well placed to undertake a wide range of environmental assessment and risk management projects. This includes the development of corporate environmental policy and the development and implementation of Environmental Management Systems to ISO14001.

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring covers a wide scope of technical assessment and measuring techniques. With a team of engineers and scientists specialising in the assessment and management of physical risk, ACS is well placed to carry out a full range of environmental monitoring including environmental noise; emissions to air; emissions to water; waste generation; and fugitive site emissions (e.g. odour or dusts).